Hand-picked quotes about entrepreneurship from the best non-fiction books

Here are the best quotes about entrepreneurship.

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There are trillions of ways to make more money because there are trillions of, if not infinite, problems to solve.
The key is to realize that the process of solving those problems makes you rich. And once you start solving not only your own problems, but others’ as well, then the sky is the limit.
I consider myself successful by the amount of money I make. The freedom that comes with that. And the experiences I'm living every day.
A financially intelligent person does not want a big paycheck. A financially educated person would rather be paid royalties or dividends because taxes are lower on these types of income. A knowledgeable investor at least knows enough to invest for portfolio or passive income.
A true capitalist is simply someone who recognizes a problem and creates a product or service to address that problem.
If you want to be rich, become a customer of businesses that are dedicated to making you richer. For example, I am a long-term customer of a number of investment newsletters and financial magazines.
Capitalists believe in producing a better product for a better price.
If you start off aiming to sell a product to dog- or car-lovers, stop. It’s expensive to advertise to such a broad market, and you are competing with too many products and too much free information. If you focus on how to train German shepherds or a restoration product for antique Fords, on the other hand, the market and competition shrink, making it less expensive to reach your customers and easier to charge premium pricing.
“It’s not that I want money. It’s the fun of making money and watching it grow.”
People can dislike you—and you often sell more by offending some—but they should never misunderstand you.
You might think you want an expensive car, a fancy watch, and a huge house. But I’m telling you, you don’t. What you want is respect and admiration from other people, and you think having expensive stuff will bring it. It almost never does—especially from the people you want to respect and admire you
The world is filled with people who look modest but are actually wealthy and people who look rich who live at the razor’s edge of insolvency. Keep this in mind when quickly judging others’ success and setting your own goals.

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Hand-picked quotes from the best non-fiction books