Hand-picked quotes about saving from the best non-fiction books

Here are the best quotes about saving.

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It should surprise no one that many of us are bad at saving and investing for retirement. We’re not crazy. We’re all just newbies.
The first idea—simple, but easy to overlook—is that building wealth has little to do with your income or investment returns, and lots to do with your savings rate.
You can save just for saving’s sake. And indeed you should. Everyone should.
The problem is, after paying their expenses, most people don’t have any money left to do save/invest. The reason is because they consider saving, tithing, and investing as a last priority.
Do not aim to be coldly rational when making financial decisions. Aim to just be pretty reasonable. Reasonable is more realistic and you have a better chance of sticking with it for the long run, which is what matters most when managing money.

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Hand-picked quotes from the best non-fiction books